Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30th

Angola vs US
I think this is a 50 point win by the US.  Angola is really really bad.  The scary part about this prop is that you have to literally say the US will average 1.25 pts/min more than Angola, that's a lot, but I think its doable.

Miami vs Atlanta
In one of the weirdest outings I've ever heard of, Tommy Hanson walked 7 batters and allowed 7 stolen bases last time he faced Miami, but only gave up 1 run.  If the Marlins can only score one run when a pitcher puts in a performance like that, imagine how lopsided this game will be if Hanson pitches well.  Atlanta is 8th in runs scored vs Miami's 29th, I'll take my chances with the Braves at home.

Jose Quintana hits+walks through 3 innings.
Jose Quintana is one of the most inconsistent pitchers in the AL.  In his last 4 outings, he's given up 4 runs to the Twins and 5 to the Royals, but shutdown both the Rangers and the Red Sox allowing only 1 run combined in 16 innings of work.  I think he gets back on track, but if you have any kind of streak, probably shouldn't risk it.

Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23rd

Starting the week with a three team parlay:
Igor Kuntisyn
8 or more hits
NY Yankees

Igor Kuntisyn:
Igor gets frustrated really easily.  He has not won a match after losing the first set the entire season (0-18.) However, against Paul Capdeville, who has little to no experience on the ATP, I expect Igor to dominate.

8 or more hits.

I think this one is a gimme.  O/U is 9 runs for the game and 18 hits.  Both teams hit the ball fairly well, and with 4 innings to work with, I'll take the over.

NY Yankees

Maybe a little concerning that they are coming off a sweep by the A's but I'm not too worried, the Yankees are a solid team, the A's were just hot, they should have no problem with lowly Seattle tonight.